Walt Felix Webmaster MoparsinMotion. I have a convertible I would like to tow behind Dump truck when I go on long road trips, so I would have a nice run-about at the away destination I end up at. Can I just through the transfer cse in nuetral and go, or are there other precautions I must take? Personally I would unhook the driveshafts at the axle end and tie them up then tow it.

I had a 4x4 checy that was towed with the tranny in neutral and the front wheels on the tow truck and the tranny was wasted from the tow. All I know it was a new tranny and it only had miles on it. The transmission will spin, but the pump isn't running.

So it will quickly overheat and destroy the transmission. I've heard rumors of them catching on fire. With a stick, it's lubed by the gears spinning around. The transfer case is chain or gear driven, just like a manual. There is a pool of lube in the bottom of the case to keep everything cool.

So put the transfer case in N, and the auto in P, and there shouldn't be any problems. Make sure the steering wheel is unlocked. It really depends on the type of transmission and transfer case in the vehicle. When you put the case in neutral, you are only disconnecting it from its input shaft. The front and rear output shafts are still geared to each other and your front axle still has the Central Axle Disconnect engaged.

The CAD and front drive shaft are only disengaged in 2Hi on your truck.

How to Identify a Dodge Transfer Case

Leave your transfer case in 2Hi and put your transmission in neutral. You can safely tow an A transmission in neutral and in 2Hi, your front end is freewheeling and the front drive shaft is not spinning. If you were going huge distances, then I would probably pull the rear drive shaft. Most front wheel drive automatic transaxles do not pump fluid when the engine is off and will burn up the transmission if towed far or fast enough. One time in particular, from upstate Vermont back to Connecticut customer failed to inform me the car was hit hard in the rear and I drove up in a regular wrecker.

Done properly, you can tow just about anything. If the rig is is in neutral and in 2 wheel drive can This be done? Or what do I have to do so I don't blow it. Thanks for your knowledge in advance. Post a reply to this message: Username Registration: Optional All visitors are allowed to post messages Name:.Tested Every transfer case has been rigorously tested for noises, leaks, vibrations and performance.

Our parts meet or exceed the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer. Upgrades Some transfer cases have inherent factory flaws causing them to chronically break down. Through years of experience we have developed several procedures to help fix these problems. Certified Every remanufactured transfer case has been built and inspected by a certified technician. Our technicians have an average experience of 10 years.

New Parts All wearable parts are replaced, this includes: seals, bearings, O-rings, bushings, bands, gaskets, and gears. Our Rates Due to the volume of product that we ship, we receive a considerable discount with some of the top freight companies. We pass these savings down to our customers. Your shipping price can be found next to the price of your product.

If there is no price listed please call us for a quote. When do we ship Orders placed before pm are usually shipped on the same business day. How long will shipping take Usually within business days after the order is processed, depending on your location. One of our operators will give you a more accurate quote based on your area. This fee also applies to core pickups. To avoid these additional charges we offer our customers the option of picking up their transmission at one of our shipping companies nearest terminals.

Local pickups All orders that are to be picked up locally by our customers must be scheduled and pre-paid by speaking to one of our sales reps. What's a core deposit To keep our prices extremely low, we sell our transfer cases at a price based on a rebuild able core being returned to us. This is a temporary deposit that is withheld to ensure that we receive your old transmission back. The amount of money required for this deposit is stated next to the price for each transmission.

How long do I have to return the core The core needs to be received within 30 days from the date of purchase to receive your full deposit. How long before I receive my refund After the core has been returned it will be inspected within weeks. The core is checked for excessive damages and missing parts. When the inspection has been completed your deposit will be put back on your card. How do I prepare my core before shipping It is recommended you ship your core in the original packaging or something comparable.

Your core must be completely assembled, drained of all fluids and free of excessive damages to receive your deposit back. How do I arrange for my core pickup You can arrange a pickup date anytime within the 30 day return period. Your core return information will come with your transmission. What if my core is damaged or I do not have one to exchange If there is no core to exchange, we can just add the deposit amount to the purchase price.

In addition, you will only be required to pay the one way shipping fee. Can I send you a different core than the one I ordered Unfortunately we can only accept a core for the same transfer case we sent you.I recently ordered a new 4.

dodge dakota np231 transfer case

Here is what Dodge has to say! Thanks for the great list and info from you all! When the part-time four-wheel drive system is engaged, both front and rear driveshafts are locked by a chain and gearset and always turn at the same speed forming a single driving unit.

This is a rigid connection that does not allow for any differential action between the front and rear axles. Normal front-to-rear differences in the turning radii of the tires are only compensated for through wheel slippage over adverse driving surfaces.

The NVHD full-time transfer case is optional. With this transfer case, four-wheel drive can be utilized fro all driving conditions. A planetary differential between the front and rear axles to turn at different speeds as when cornering while dividing torque equally between them. Essentially, the part-time system offers better gas mileage but requires shifting into 4-wheel drive when needed. The full-time system is always on and can be applied to all conditions.

The full-time system has a position where the differential can be locked, in 4H and 4L, for the ultimate in 4-wheel drive. This gives you the convenience of 4-wheel drive at all times and the ability to lock the center differential for adverse conditions. I hope this information helps. My Original Question: NVHD electronic, full-time: Please explain this full time 4x4 systems as compared to the part time 4x4 system on the Dakota 4. I would like to know the pros, cons and how I should use the 4x4 function appropriately.

Will this system handle moderate to above average off road situations? Can off roading damage the system if not used correctly? What is the difference between 4H and 4L in the full time vs part time 4x4 units? What is the power transfer distribution front and rear of both systems. Does the full time unit have a locking transfer case in the 4H or 4L mode?

Thank you for your assistance. Part numbers were not matching up. I am looking forward to their answer to my reply. My reply back: Thanks for the latest information. I think it is most helpfull but still want to make sure I have the part numbers straight on the different 4x4 systems. Are these the same units or have we gotten things mixed up or not?

Sorry to sound so picky, but the part numbers are not matching up here just yet. Please let me know. Thanks again, Trice.

Performance Built NP231 Transfer Case Sale

Part time 4wd, drives both axles all the time, off road or slippery conditions, not to be used on dry hard road surface. Full time 4wd, drives only rear axle until rear wheels slip then automatically goes into 4wd, can be used on any road surface and at any speed. There is a diff in both Axles given and essentially an open diff in the Transfer case.

Both front and rear wheels drive all the time, just think of a standard axle only sideways down the truck driving the axles.

dodge dakota np231 transfer case

If the Front end was on ice and the rear on pavement then One front wheel would spin unless you have a locker or LS diff in the front. This is when you would put the lever to the option of locking the center case, thus putting power to the front and rear.

The NV is not a LS diff, it's either open or locked. You can hear it binding up in parking lots and feel it pulling around in front. This dramatically reduced drivetrain noise, gas consumption, acceleration and smoothness in a turn. The Volvo Viscous coupling is more like the previous answer where one set of wheels is always running then it is switched.We can help free knowledgeable technical support!

We have a large inventory of rebuilt NP transfer cases plus Transfer Case parts.

Transfer Case NP231 Rebuild Kit Drawing

Our factory rebuilt re-manufactured. If you need more information or cannot find the parts you need give us a call, if you would like to save money, ask about our good take out parts GTOthey are inspected and guaranteed. If you would like to save money ask about our good take out parts GTOthey are inspected and guaranteed. Use our online shopping cart, just click the part number and see additional information, add to cart or proceed to check out.

If you need more information or cannot find the parts you need give us a call This transfer case was manufactured by New Venture Gear. This model is chain driven. The NP is 4WD with manual shift. This unit was utilized beginning in The NP was manufactured with left side drop output and has a low gear ratio of 2. This unit has 2WD and 4wd, combination of 2 high, 4 high, neutral and 4 low.

99' Dakota Transfer Case Seals

The unit has a 27 spline front output and utilizes a rear slip yoke. Some pickups in a heavy duty version with wider chains, sprockets and HD planetary.

This unit can have issues with premature chain failure, caused by running the NP transfer case on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt, Run 4WD only on loose dirt, snow, mud, sand or grass as the different wheel speeds in turns can put excessive torque loads on chain and sprockets.

If you have purchased your vehicle used the very first order of business is to double check the tire diameters. Used car dealers may have mismatched the tires to make the sale. Mismatched tires will cause the NP transfer case to fail. We can provide a rebuilt NP transfer cases with a 12 month warranty we also offer all parts required to rebuild your unit, we have new parts we can also provide good used takeout parts to save you money! Below we provide a NP parts illustrations to assist you with the correct identification of the parts you need.

Upgrade parts are available for the NP Select the parts you require from the the list below and give us a call. See the complete line of products that we can provide at www. To speak to a Drive Train Expert or to place and order call toll freebuy factory direct and save money!

Midwest Transmission can Cryogenic Treat any shaft or gear. Call for a quote.We hope this information can help you determine which transfer case you need and any upgrades that might be available.

We hope this might help in identifying the transfer case found on your Dodge Vehicle. Contact us today with any questions about your transfer case needs.

Use your off road vehicle wisely. We replace all bearings, seals, fork pads, viscous when the unit has them and chains chains are Morse and only Morse chains.

Security Check

Each Transfer Case is unique and specific to the vehicle. These numbers are critical in determining the exact transfer case for your vehicle.

The NP is a good choice for upgrades and modifications to make it even more durable than it already is. It is found in Dodge pickup trucks, the Dakota, as well as the Durango.

Dodge first used the NP series transfer cases for the Dakota. Contact TNT Transfer case to order your rebuilt transfer case today!

Contact us Today. The output is on the driver-side with center rear output. This heavy-duty design with a rating of a gross vehicle weight of 17, lbs in vehicles with 5. The NP is a heavy duty case with a 6 pinion planet and relies on a 1.

It adds an electrical shift feature and has enhanced parts to provide better durability for larger applications. All units are shipped DRY. Please refer to the owners manual or dealer specifications for the proper lube.

The warranty will be voided if the wrong lube is used. If you have any questions, please call us. TNT Transfer Case. Dodge Vehicle Transfer Case Models. Re-manufactured Transfer Cases. Dodge NP Transfer Case. Close Menu.Whether you're on the trail or just flat-towing your 4x4 down the road, exploding your truck's transfer case can really be a drag. The NP transfer case found in many late-model Jeep, Dodge, and GM vehicles has a fairly good reputation for a chaindriven, aluminum-cased unit, but improper towing procedures can cause it to explode, and some of the internals are iffy for big tires and lots of torque.

These facts make the NP a good candidate for upgrades and modifications to make it a truly durable unit. One of the first upgrades for Jeep owners should be the short-shaft kit, which converts the rear output yoke to a fixed style rather than a slip yoke, to allow removal of the driveshaft without fluid loss and fitment of a longer driveshaft for better driveline angles.

The story "Instant Superhero" in our Dec. In the same story, we featured a 4-to-1 reduction unit that greatly increased the low-range ratio for outstanding off-road gearing without the highway drawback of lower axle gears.

But even these trick parts and pieces won't overcome a serious drawback of most NP cases-towing the vehicle without a true Neutral position. We talked to Jason Bunch at Tri-County Gear, who said that the standard NP such as that found in a Jeep YJ Wrangler connects the front and rear driveshaft together when it's shifted into Neutral, and drivetrain windup is relieved by the front-axle disconnect being disengaged. Unfortunately, when the engine is started and the case is put in Neutral, the vacuum-operated disconnect engages and stays engaged even after the engine is turned off.

After a few hundred miles of towing, the resulting drivetrain windup can literally cause the transfer case to explode, just as though it were driven in four-wheel drive on the pavement.

The simple solution is not to start the engine before shifting the transfer case into Neutral for towing or to unhook the vacuum hoses to the front axle.

But Bunch has some special parts he installs to provide a true Neutral inside the T-case for hassle-free towing, as well as some other beef-up parts for strength and longevity. Although some people believe that converting to an older-style cast-iron case is the only solution to the problem, the NP has proven to be a perfectly adequate unit.

Follow along as Bunch shows how he modifies and beefs up the NP into a durable, towable transfer case that won't leave your rig with a bang. Forums Photos Videos Industry Videos. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.The New Process is the most popular chain driven transfer case to date.

The NP transfer case features a front driver's side output as well as a center line rear output. The NP transfer case comes with two ranges; a 2.

dodge dakota np231 transfer case

New Process used a mechanical speedometer gear from to In the speedometer was switched to a three wire vehicle speed sensor also known as VSS. Not only is the NP transfer case a great direct replacement, it is also used in many conversions. Here at Smart Parts we specialize in taking a good transfer case and making it even better.

Our state of the art upgrades and our cutting edge build process allow us to build a NP that exceeds the standards set forth by manufacturers. Question I have a 94 Grand Cherokee. Can you tell me the spline count so I can make sure this matches up. Answer The input is 23 and 27 for the output. To ensure a direct fit it may be easier to just grab us the tag if its available.

dodge dakota np231 transfer case

Usually all we need is a tag to match you up with the correct TC. Reply: Question The splines match, Ill call you with the tag. I was impressed by the price. I have had the in my Dakota for over a month now and it runs as good if not better as the original.

In order to keep our NP Transfer Case at such an unbelievably low price, we need to take a deposit on your old or broken unit being sent back to us.

The core deposit is added to your total then is completely refunded when it unit arrives at our facility. Because we use so many new parts, our rebuild process doesn't require a perfect core to be sent back. Please call or click on the tab for acceptable core conditions and details. To ensure a correct fit for your vehicle, call us toll free. Holiday hours vary. If you have a question you would like to submit, please e-mail it to: info smartpartsauto. If you have purchased a this part and wish to submit a review, please e-mail it to: info smartpartsauto.

All rights reserved. What is a core deposit? Items in Cart: 0. Subtotal: 0. This part requires a phone order.

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